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Polytech Students Selected to Join the SPINAKER Programme

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Project organised by the Lodz University of Technology (Poland), a partner of Polytech Orléans.

Within the framework of the SPINAKER programme implemented by the National Agency for University Exchanges, and co-funded by European Social Fund, the Lodz University of Technology carried out a project entitled “School of skills for the 21st century industry”.

Over 40 students selected among partner universities of the Lodz University of Technology, 5 students from Polytech Orléans were invited to join the project: 3 students with the industrial engineering applied to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food processing specialisation, and 2 students with the engineering physics and embedded systems specialisation.

This project’s concept is group work between students on issues concerning the field of 4.0 industry. The programme included online training courses before the arrival of participants in the polish university. During their stay, students participated to conferences and meetings in the morning, and afternoon modules were carried out in selected companies under the supervision of a group of specialists from the Lodz University of Technology as well as from partner universities and companies.


Programme SPINAKER hiver 2023