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Visit of the Montréal ETS at the Bourges IUT

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Within the scope of a French tour, the Bourges IUT was pleased to receive on October 20 the visit of Tanguy Bantas, Head of International Relations of the Montréal ETS in Québec. The University of Orléans has been a partner with the ETS for more than 10 years, allowing many of our students from the Bourges IUT and Polytech to travel. Discussions were fruitful, and the arrival of BUT 3 opens new collaboration possibilities.


 Elodie Caumont (IUT18), Valérie Vasseur (IUT18), Olivier Pennetier (IUT18), Tanguy Bantas (ETS), Peggy Dautry (IUT18), Karine Pilleyre (IUT18)