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International Students Welcome Centre 2022

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For its 5th edition, the international students welcome centre has helped to facilitate their arrival at the University. 

The beginning of the university year 2022 also marks the 5th edition of the international students welcome centre. Just like last year, the desk is partly located in the premises of the AIDE (next to the Science lecture halls). This location choice seems logical, since these premises are adapted to the single welcome desk and they allow new students to identify the site as a welcome place if they need help throughout the university year. 

This year’s addition: the students from the College of Law, Economics and Management, from the College of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences and from the College of Science and Technology were able to carry out their administrative registration on site and to leave with their student card (which equals to about 300 students). All international students were able to benefit from a week of integration, with bowling, campus tours, visits of the Loire Valley castles and of a snail farm, etc.

This edition of the welcome centre received a total of 871 students!







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