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Erasmus Student Network - National Platform in Orléans

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The ESN National Platform 2022 took place in Orléans on the weekend between 18 and 20 February.

On this occasion, volunteers were able to discuss and debate on a theme: raising awareness on international mobility (“Sensibilisation à la Mobilité Internationale” - SMI).

The SMI is divided in two parts:

  • INFORMING on cross-culturalism and the cultural shock and on the various programmes and schemes that enable mobility;
  • PREPARING to mobility by giving information and tips on scholarships, housing solutions…

For many, international mobility is reserved for students, yet this weekend some sections were trained to promote other forms of mobility and plans implemented to favour them. For instance, TICKETS FOR THE WORLD (“Tickets pour le monde”), a campaign launched in 2015 to raise awareness on mobility and encourage young French people to try going abroad. To do so, ESN France has develop various tools. There is also a Mobility Passport to inform on all existing programmes!

For more information, visit the dedicated website (in French):


This weekend has also allowed the Network to discover Orléans with tours, evening parties…

All this was possible thanks to the help of the Metropolis, the University of Orléans and its International Relations Department, the Centre Val de Loire Region, the CRIJ (Regional Youth Information Centre) and the OFAJ (Franco-German Office for Youth).