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Remote Learning

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On this page, you will find all the information and tools you need to work remotely.

CELENE Online Platform for Remote Classes

Your teachers can provide you with educational resources through the corresponding classes on CELENE. To connect to the CELENE website, use the same login details as on the ENT.

Sending Classes with the University Email

Your teachers can also send you educational resources via the university email.

Do not hesitate to share them with the rest of your class!

Digital Libraries Are Only a Click Away!

Your digital library is only a click away! From the BU website, you can access more the 50,000 books online. 

The University Libraries (BU) offer ebook packages for all the fields taught at the University:

  • Dalloz, LamyLine and Francis Lefèbvre, which provide law ebooks for administrative specialisations; 
  • Numérique Premium, which provides law, literature, philosophy, geopolitics, history, French politics, art history, religion history, sociology, and education sciences ebooks;
  • ScholarVox, which provides ebooks on engineering sciences, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, earth and life sciences, economy, management, accounting, education sciences, health, sports, humanities and social sciences as well as ebooks on employment, jobs, and training. 

Please note that most of these ebooks are in French and target the needs of Bachelor’s Degree, B.U.T and Master’s Degree students. 

Do you need help to access and use the documentary resources? The University offers:

  • The Micado personalised service for documentary research, which is an online questions/answers form;
  • A contact form if you have any questions.

Digital Thematic Universities

Additional resources are also available on the Digital University website, on UNISCIEL for Sciences, IUT and Polytech, and on UNJF for Law. 


If you have any questions regarding the current health situation and the educational measures implemented, see the FAQ section of the UO’s website.