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President's Message - Monday, February 8, 2021

Dear students,

As you probably know, the President of the Republic has announced, among other measures, an extension of face-to-face teaching in universities. This is a decision that will allow us to finally reestablish a link that has been distorted and that has been the cause of discomfort for too many of you.
Of course, the virus is still circulating very actively and before being able to resume a more or less normal life at the beginning of the school year in September 2021, we will have to be very vigilant in the coming weeks.

The implementation of these measures requires a lot of effort from your training managers and the pedagogical secretariats in particular, and I would like to pay tribute to them here. They will very soon be informing you of the conditions that will concern you more specifically.
They will be particularly careful to allow sufficient time for the transition from distance learning to face-to-face teaching (avoiding these alternations within the same half-day) as well as a sufficient lunch break. I have also asked them to share with your representatives (especially your delegates) the constraints and solutions adopted so that they are well understood.

With this message, I would like to provide you with a number of details on how this semester will unfold.


The University is open but the courses and tutorials will continue to take place in remote mode for the most part.
However, and in strict compliance with the rules set forth by the State, it is now possible to welcome students from all courses, within the limit of 20% of the overall capacity. The modalities will be specified to you by your component, in conformity with the sanitary norms.
We know how restrictive these rules are, but everything will be done to allow all students who wish to come back to the campus in a teaching or support capacity.

  • Practical work and APSA (Physical, Sports and Artistic Activity) will continue to be conducted primarily in person.
  • The exams will be held in person, with strict respect for the barrier gestures and the distance.
  • All practical information will be provided to you by your training managers and your component.
  • The University Libraries (BU) are still open by appointment and are not counted in the 20% of students present on campus. Indeed, the BU remain open by appointment to study or to borrow/return books. This appointment must be made via the Affluences application (booking the day before for the next day is recommended to secure the gauges). More information on the University website, the libraries page or by following BU on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Curfew applies to all but exceptions are granted for students who would exceed the 6pm hour when commuting to and from university. Your timetable mentioning the end time of your classes will be your proof. Concerning the reception in the libraries which can be done until 6pm. Students generate their own derogatory attestation.
  • Research activities in the laboratories are maintained by giving priority to distance work when possible and by authorizing face-to-face work for activities requiring special equipment or to preserve the continuity of research, including the work of doctoral students and students on internship.



Due to the closure of the European Union's external borders, outgoing student mobility outside the EU remains suspended unless there is a compelling reason to do so until further notice.
Information on the conditions of entry and stay in the European Union countries can be found by following this link :

Intra-EU mobility is still possible at this time, but it is imperative to make sure that all pre-departure conditions are respected, which are available on the MAE website, and to respect all sanitary measures once in the country.
Registering on the Ariane feed is also essential to ensure that you are informed of any changes in the situation.

For students who are currently on a mobility program abroad, the continuation of their mobility is not in question and will depend on the teaching and reception conditions set up by the host institution, or on the measures decreed by the authorities.
For international students, you will find information on the University's "Health crisis information" website.
If you have any questions, please contact your international relations office or the International Relations Department :



The university restaurants (RU) of the Crous offer every day, from Monday to Friday, meals at 1€ for all, to take away for lunch and for dinner.

The schedules of the cafeterias and RUs open on the La Source campus, in downtown Orléans, in Bourges, in Chartres and in Châteauroux are available online.
Some dining locations will be open today, Monday, February 8, on the La Source campus:
- Bistro Cafeteria: 11am - 2pm
- Pizzeria (located on the first floor of the lake restaurant): 11am - 2pm
- Anatidé Restaurant: 11am - 2pm
- UFR DEG cafeteria: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm (sweet break and sandwiches/salads)
- UFR Sciences cafeteria: 8am - 2pm (sweet break)

The Crous plans a quick rotation of the places, about 20 minutes, with only take-away food, which can be consumed on the spot in the strict respect of the sanitary instructions. This system will be adapted during the week in view of the situation.

In addition, lunch facilities will be offered in each component, depending on the configuration of the sites. These facilities can only be maintained if the barrier gestures and the distance of 2 meters are correctly respected!

In all cases, we must absolutely avoid groupings inside or outside the premises. In all rooms, the usual protective measures must be respected: wearing a category 1 or Type II surgical mask, keeping a safe distance, respecting marked places, washing hands, etc.



A screening campaign using antigenic tests will soon be implemented on the Orléans and Bourges sites. You will soon be able to find information on the University's "Health Crisis Info" website.

  • If you are a contact case or have tested positive for the coronavirus, you must report your situation to the University Health Service using the form in the "Need help?
  • The University Health Services remain on alert.

To make an appointment for psychological help, send an email to

The university health services are open. You can contact them for all other requests by e-mail or telephone ( or 02 38 41 71 79 / or 02 48 23 80 83).

  • Any student with a disability who wishes to be accompanied by the University's disability advisors can contact the disability and studies service at the following address: to make an appointment in person or remotely, or visit the website.

You can also find all the assistance offered and all the measures taken by the institution in relation to the health situation on the University's "Health crisis information" website.



Individual material and computer aid continues to be allocated to students to support them in their studies (aid for the purchase or loan of computers).
If you are a student with a digital disability, the PRESTO system is for you: you can borrow computer equipment from the BU. To do so, you must register with your department, which will specify the terms of this registration.
The University also allows you to follow your courses at the BU by providing you with laptops and dedicated workstations.

If you wish to acquire computer equipment, the University will offer "digital vouchers" in the coming weeks, after examining your resources. The use of these vouchers is comparable to the food vouchers that can be used in shops. The web page for this new scheme will be updated shortly.



The assistants of the university health service are at your disposal: adelaide.buon[@], mohammed.bougouidima[@] or click on the link.
To have an interview with a Crous social worker, send an email to : or call 02 38 49 49 52 and specify :

  • your first and last name
  • your date of birth and your INE number
  • your place of study
  • your telephone number and your availability
  • the precise purpose of your request.

You will find information on the different types of assistance in the "Assistance and support" section on the University's "Health crisis information" website.

Your teachers, your managers, your directors of components and all the staff are aware of the additional efforts that these reorganizations require of you. Nevertheless, I invite you to continue acquiring your knowledge with all the necessary motivation and to keep in touch with us by using all the services of the university and if need be to ask us via the form accessible on the FAQ that I invite you to consult.

Rest assured that we are doing everything possible to make this crisis episode as painless as possible.
For the time being, we assure you of our commitment to organize as well as possible the functioning of our university and your conditions of study and support in the situation that is ours.

Take care of yourself and others,


President of the University of Orléans


Do you have a question about the health crisis?

Contact the referent :

For any medical question :


Find all the information on the dedicated website :

Respect barrier gestures

  • Wash your hands very regularly or use a hydro-alcoholic solution.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief (single use)
  • Use single-use tissues and discard them.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from others.
  • Salute without shaking hands, avoid hugs and kisses.
  • In addition to these gestures, wear a mask